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Our Middleware Adoption Results

SmileBoom offers in-house production game engine KMY, all sorts of middleware and frameworks.
All products are used and refined in the actual title productions.
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  • SBScript

    • Middleware

    The language core is “SmileBASIC interpreter”, which has a proven track record in our “Petit Computer series”. It’s fast, light, highly extensible script language that is easy to learn.
    - Easy script creation for non-programmers
    - The memory size of the script itself is light (128 to 256KB depending on the embedded form)
    - Equipped with a memory management function for games. There is no need to worry about unstable frame rates due to garbage collection.
    - Commands can be extended in C ++ language. Easy access to variables in scripts.
    - Memory management and memory usage can be customized according to the installation environment.
    - Multi-thread supported
    - Pre-compile function is installed, and script codes do not remain in the product.
    - Supports various platforms


  • Ring Fit Adventure

    • Middleware
    • Switch
    • SBScript
    Release Date
    October 18,2019
    Nintendo Switch
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  • KMY Engine

    • Middleware

    It is a game engine that can be easily ported to various platforms and Windows tools.
    It can be customized at the source level to match titles.
    It has been used successfully in Windows(OpenGL), Android, iOS, PlayStation4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.