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About SmileBoom

Thanks for visiting our web site. I'm Kobayashi, CEO of SmileBoom Co. Ltd. SmileBoom Co. Ltd. is a software development company in Japan. We have created many kinds of software for every kind of hardware, such as Home computer which are initial computers in old days, video game consoles, handheld game consoles and so on. Our continuous challenge is to create new interesting software on any hardware they may release in the future.

Our Mission

I've been having same-solid goals since we've started out our company; to produce "exciting and amusing" games that people of all ages could enjoy every day and to generate "tools for future creators" for the younger generation who may make interesting games. At the same time, we have aimed to deliver thoughtful products for our beloved customers. This is our goal and mission.

A few smiles make a small circle of smiles; before you know it, many big smiles spread across the world. This motto of creating our products is exactly what we are aiming at.

  • CEO of SmileBoom Co. Ltd.