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Privacy Policy

Basic policy

SmileBoom Co., Ltd. (“SmileBoom”) may request that you provide us with information for specifically identifying you as an individual (“Personal Information”) in such processes as distribution of products, commissioned development of software, delivery of services, customer surveys, the offering of giveaways, solicitation of manuscripts, and receiving/responding to your complaints and inquiries. Any personal information obtained from you by SmileBoom will be kept and managed in an appropriate and strict manner respecting your privacy in accordance with the following Basic Guidelines:

  1. SmileBoom will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations when handling any personal information.
  2. When handling any personal information, SmileBoom will specify the intended use of it and communicate it to you in a clear manner. SmileBoom will use all personal information obtained within the scope of the intended use and will not disclose or provide it to any third party unless your consent is confirmed or without justifiable grounds.
  3. SmileBoom will take security control measures for any personal information obtained in order to prevent unauthorized accesses, missing, destruction, alteration and leakage of such information, or any other events and will endeavor to improve such measures.
  4. SmileBoom will respond to your request for disclosing, correcting, and deleting personal information obtained from you promptly in good faith and to that extent that is reasonable.

May, 2017
SmileBoom Co., Ltd.
Takaki Kobayashi, CEO

How we use Your Personal Information

SmileBoom may use the personal information provided by you for purposes such as those listed below.

  1. Personal information about yourself
    • For sending products and/or giveaways
    • For sending information on products, services, and/or events
    • For providing product support and/or maintenance
    • For responding to inquiries and/or consultations
    • For product development, conducting surveys and/or product research
    • For performance of contracts
  2. Personal information about officers and employees at business partners and other companies
    • For communicating as necessary for business and/or business negotiations
    • For management of business partner information and/or processing of payments and revenue
  3. Personal information about applicants for recruitment
    • To provide the applicants for recruitment (including internship) with information on employment and communicating with them
    • For management of recruitment activities at SmileBoom
    • Personal information about other individuals
    • To exercise all rights and/or fulfill obligations under laws
    • For making communication, managing responses, and/or sending relevant materials

When any personal information is to be used for any other purposes than above, SmileBoom will use it after informing the relevant individuals of the details and obtaining their approval.

When using such personal information and outsourcing the work to a third party in whole or in part, SmileBoom may disclose your personal information to such third party to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose in question.

How we manage and disclose Your Personal Information

SmileBoom shall keep and manage any personal information provided by you in a strict manner and take any security control measures as needed and appropriate in order to prevent divulgence, loss or damage of such personal information. In addition, SmileBoom will never disclose or provide any personal information to a third party unless:

  1. As Your prior consent is obtained
    • Any proper order, decision, disposition, or request is made by a court, police department, or other governmental agencies under laws and regulations
    • The business is subject to succession for such reasons as merger, divestiture, and transfer of operations
  2. Procedures of Disclosing Personal Information

    SmileBoom will accept your request received from yourself or your agent for the actions listed below and respond in a prompt manner to a reasonable extent only in cases where it can be confirmed that such request was made by you or your agent through the procedures defined by SmileBoom. Please note that you may be charged the actual costs for handling the request.

  3. Request for disclosure of your personal information
    • Request for information on the intended use of your personal information
    • Request for the correction, addition or deletion of your personal information
    • Request rejecting the using and providing of your personal information

When verifying your identity, we may ask you to submit your identification verifying your identity (e.g., a copy of your driving license, residential card, health insurance card, or passport) or any document certifying the authority of representation, as well as our prescribed form for request (available from SmileBoom’s Personal information Contact upon request via mail or e-mail). Please note that, in the event that you refuse to submit identification or in such cases where your identity or the legitimacy of your request is not confirmed for any other reasons, your request may not be accepted.

Personal Information on SmileBoom’s Websites

  1. Cookies, Scripts and other technologies

    In some cases, SmileBoom’s website uses those technologies for operational efficiency including but not limited to cookies, client-side scripts, and server-side scripts. While you may choose to deactivate those features or refuse to use them by changing your browser settings, you may be unable to access some of those features of the site by doing so.

  2. Logging of Access

    SmileBoom’s website records the information about those who accessed it in the form of access logs. Such information will be used as statistic data for our study and analysis of the usage of the website and not for any other purposes.

  3. Links to External Websites

    Some parts of SmileBoom’s website provide links to third parties’ websites for your convenience. Since SmileBoom’s Personal Information Protection Policies do not apply to such linked websites, SmileBoom is unable to be responsible for protecting your personal information on such external websites.

Personal Information in SmileBoom’s Software Services

  1. How we collect your Personal Information

    SmileBoom sometimes collects your data in order to provide you with better products. Some of the data collected will be data you directly provide to SmileBoom when downloading SmileBoom products or using them. Other data may be collected by recording how you operate SmileBoom products. The means for collecting such data include, but is not limited to, use of cookies and other technologies and receiving error reports and usage data from the software running on your devices.

  2. How we use Your Personal Information

    SmileBoom uses the collected data for the purpose of providing you with our products. For example, the collected data will be used to improve and personalize the experiences. Personal information may also be used to make communication with you, in such cases as sending announcement on your account and product information including update information and information regarding special offers.

  3. How you can Access and Manage your Personal Data

    There is no system for allowing you to view, edit or delete your personal data online. All requests for such actions should be addressed to the Contact for Personal information.

How we use E-mail

SmileBoom may send you e-mails containing some of your personal information to the mail address you registered in the course of performing those services mentioned above if needed. Please note that such e-mails are not encrypted.

How we use Personal Information of Minors

SmileBoom also protects personal information of minors in the same manner as for adults.
However, if you are under the age of sixteen, please ensure that you provide us with your personal information with the consent of your parents, guardians or statutory agents.

Contact for Personal information

All inquiries regarding your personal information and the handling thereof should be addressed to:

SmileBoom Co., Ltd. attn.: Privacy Team
Phone: 011-876-8333 (Main)
E-mail: info@smileboom.com
Address: Elm Bldg., Kita 9 Nishi 4-7-4, Kita-Ku, Sapporo 060-0809
(Closed on year-end holidays, weekends, national holidays and company holidays)

Amendment to Personal Information Protection Policies

Please note that SmileBoom may revise its Personal Information Protection Policies without notice in order to improve the protection of personal information or for other reasons including amendment to the relevant laws and regulations.