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RPG Creation Tool for PC "RPG Developer Bakin"
The range of visual style is further enriched!
Added a toon shader, blend shapes, and more
Major update Ver. 1.7 implemented

December 19, 2023 - Sapporo, Japan - SmileBoom Co.Ltd. today announces the release of update version 1.7 of RPG Developer Bakin (it is pronounced BAH-keen), which adds a toon shader and blend shape function to enhance the visual style of the games you create. In addition, we would also like to offer the "SmileBoom Winter Sale 2023" with 10% off RPG Developer Bakin and DLCs (until December 21, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST).

Ver. 1.7, which implements the toon shader, blend shapes, and consumption status additions, is now available.

The last major update of the year included the toon shader and blend shape function, as well as the ability to add consumption statuses. This allows 3D models to have cartoon style appearance and more finely customized facial animation. In addition, the ability to freely add "consumption statuses," which can have a maximum value and a current value, has been implemented to allow for more in-depth game design.

[RPG Developer Bakin] Ver. 1.7 New Features Trailer

RPG Developer Bakin Ver. 1.7 Update Overview

Tone Shader to increase the options for visual style:
A cartoon style appearance can be achieved by assigning the "toon shader" to materials in the FBX model and setting the parameters. It is now possible to adjust various parameters as well as specify outlines.


Easily animate facial expressions on 3D models! Blend shape function:
Blend shapes (morphing) can now be used to create "clips" that combine keys in the model and call these clips from events. This function is mainly utilized to animate the facial expressions of 3D models. The conversation event-related functions have also been expanded, making it easier to use 3D models as standing pictures for conversations.

Additional Feature of Consumption Statuses:
It is now possible to freely create statuses that can have a maximum value and a current value, like "hit points (HP)". For example, "special moves can be used when Heat Points are full," "stamina consumption for battle commands can be set for each character," and so on. You can use them in various ways, depending on your ingenuity. 

Many other features have been added and improved.
Please take this opportunity to try your hand at creating games with "RPG Developer Bakin".


SmileBoom Winter Sale 2023 is going on now!

The SmileBoom Winter Sale 2023 is being held on the Steam Store and offers a 10% discount on "RPG Developer Bakin".
Along with this, DLCs that pack a variety of resources will also be discounted by 10%, and the SmileBoom Winter Sale 2023 discount will be applied to bundled editions that include the sale products, making them even more affordable. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

SmileBoom Winter Sale Overview

Period: Thursday, December 7, 2023 - Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 10:00 AM PST
Eligible Products: RPG Developer Bakin, various paid DLCs (Ancient Pack, Modern City Pack, Smile Objects Vol. 1, Western Pack, Forest Pack, Wooden Platform Pack, Terica Terrain Pack Vol.1, Glowing Icon Pack)
Discount Rate: 10%.
*Bundled versions that include eligible products will also receive discounts for each product.


About RPG Developer Bakin
"RPG Developer Bakin" is a game creation tool that combines ease of use and high features, making it easy for anyone to create games inspired by "your world". It includes a map editor that allows you to create maps as if you were playing a game, an event creation system that controls the game by simply arranging panels with functions, a database that provides detailed character status settings, advanced screen effect settings that can dramatically change sceneries, and many other tools. Graphics and sound assets are also provided, so you can start creating "your game" right away. We started Early Access on Steam in October 2022, and are working to improve and add features to the tool as we receive requests from creators to make it a better tool for the commercialization of the product.