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Announces the “SmileBASIC Oogiri World Grand Prix”
The grand prize winner will receive "Hokkaido Sweets Monthly Package"!

[Make a game with Nintendo Switch™ and get "Hokkaido Sweets Monthly Package"!]

SmileBoom Co.Ltd. proudly announces that the original game creation contest "SmileBASIC Oogiri World Grand Prix" will be held on "SmileBASIC 4", a programming software for creating and playing games with Nintendo Switch™, starting December 24, 2020.

For the "SmileBASIC Oogiri World Grand Prix", the users must create a game with SmileBASIC 4 that meets the "theme" and submit it within the period.

The Theme of this Contest: "Smile"

However, the interpretation of the theme is up to the creator's "sensibility".

[The grand prize winner will receive "Hokkaido Sweets Monthly Package"!]

The grand prize winner will receive a one-year worth of sweets assortments from the home of many famous confections Hokkaido, Japan, "Hokkaido Sweets Monthly Package," which will be sent periodically to the winner of the grand prize!

In the history of the SmileBASIC series, which has been held five times since 2011, the creators of SmileBASIC have submitted a variety of unique works, some of which made us laugh and others of which were composed with incredible techniques. (*)

We look forward to welcoming new and experienced creators from all over the world to participate in this Oogiri, and to seeing your "smile" game submissions.

■Oogiri World Grand Prix Summary

Date: 3 pm on December 24, 2020(JST) – 5:59 pm on March 1, 2021(JST)
Theme: “Smile”

-      Entries can be made in the SmileBASIC 4.
-      Application guidelines are available on the official website of SmileBASIC 4.
(Web site:
(*) Some of the winning creations from past Oogiri are available on our YouTube channel.
(SmileBoom Official Channel:

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