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RPG Developer Bakin 10% Off Sale and Release of Ver. 1.1
Implemented cross-save shared variables and the ability to call up the title screen from within the game.

December 22, 2022 - Sapporo, Japan – SmileBoom is pleased to announce a 10% off sale of its RPG creation tool, RPG Developer Bakin, during the Steam Winter Sale starting today, December 22, 2022. At the same time, we also announce that we will be updating to ver. 1.1 with various additional features and improvements.

--- Ver. 1.1 Contents ---
- Cross-save shared variables to enable contents change before and after game clearing
We have implemented cross-save shared variables that can be managed throughout the game, allowing for changing events before and after the game is cleared, recording only the scenes seen during play in a multi-ending game, and so on.
This feature can be used in a variety of ways, such as novel games, and in games that are designed to be played in laps, depending on creative ideas.

- Title screen recall feature from events to enable dramatic opening scene
A feature that allows more flexibility in the opening sequence by calling the display timing of the title screen from an event has been implemented. It will be possible to produce such effects as after playing a scene from the beginning of the story or when the title screen appears while showing the scenery in which the story takes place.
- Ability to export stamps and resources
A feature has been implemented to export a single "stamp" file that integrates the model, motions, materials, etc., with the specified settings for use within the tool. (In addition to 2D/3D/terrain stamps, stand-alone resources can also be exported.)
The tool's linkage function with Steam Workshop makes it easy to publish your own stamps.

- New assets, including 2D character figure data, available for free on Steam Workshop
With the implementation of the stamp export feature, the following assets have been released on Steam Workshop as samples.
- 2D Cast Figure Graphics Set

- 3D Model Stall Stamp Set

Many other features and improvements have been added, including the addition of layout tool formatting.

"RPG Developer Bakin" is on sale for 10% off during the ongoing Steam Winter Sale.
Sale period: Dec. 22, 2022 - Jan. 5, 2023

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