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RPG Developer Bakin, programming-free RPG creation tool, is in Early Access today on Steam
Asset Information and " Speech Bubble" Feature Released

October 17, 2022 - Sapporo, Japan – SmileBoom is pleased to announce the Early Access of RPG Developer Bakin, an RPG creation tool on Steam for the price of $69.99 (USD), starting today, October 17, 2022 (PDT). Upon its release, this title is offering an early purchase discount and a discount for users of the previous tool, "SMILE GAME BUILDER". Information will also be provided on assets that will be offered as bundled or free DLCs, as well as on the tool's "speech bubble" feature.

- "RPG Developer Bakin" allows game creation without programming knowledge
"RPG Developer Bakin" is a game creation tool that combines ease of use and high features, making it easy for anyone to create games inspired by "your world". It includes a map editor that allows you to create maps as if you were playing a game, an event creation system that controls the game by simply arranging panels with functions, a database that provides detailed character status settings, advanced screen effect settings that can dramatically change sceneries, and many other tools. Graphics and sound assets are also provided, so you can start creating "your game" right away.

- Includes ready-to-use graphics, effects, and sound assets for game creation

Buildings such as castles and houses, and natural objects such as trees and rocks; 2D character graphics and sound assets such as background music and sound effects (BGM/SE). Particle-based effects such as flames, lightning, fog, and water splashes.
Assets are available for immediate use in game creation. In addition to the hundreds of 3D assets provided for this tool, we will also provide 3D/2D assets from our previous creation tool, "SMILE GAME BUILDER". The 3D assets will appear more richly textured when the shaders of this title are applied to them.
Assets will be included in this tool or distributed as free DLCs. For the free DLCs, please download them from Steam.

- "Speech Bubble" function to expand the expression of conversational events
The "speech bubble" feature for use in conversational events was implemented just prior to release. The default speech bubble image data is included in the tool, but you can also use the layout tool to replace the default image with a speech bubble of your own creation.


RPG Developer Bakin
Early Access Start Date: October 17, 2022 (PDT)
Price at the Start of Early Access: $69.99(USD)
Steam Page:
Official Website:
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