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Steam Spring Sale: Programming-Free RPG Creation Tool for PCs
Announcement of "RPG Developer Bakin" 10% off sale

March 16, 2023 - Sapporo, Japan - SmileBoom is pleased to announce a 10% off sale on its RPG creation tool, RPG Developer Bakin, during the Steam Spring Sale starting today, March 16, 2023.

About RPG Developer Bakin

"RPG Developer Bakin" is a game creation tool that combines ease of use and high features, making it easy for anyone to create games inspired by "your world".  It includes a map editor that allows you to create maps as if you were playing a game, an event creation system that controls the game by simply arranging panels with functions, a database that provides detailed character status settings, advanced screen effect settings that can dramatically change sceneries, and many other tools.  Graphics and sound assets are also provided, so you can start creating "your game" right away.


More than 20 updates since the launch of Early Access, adding and improving a variety of features

Since October 2022, we have added and improved various features and bug fixes, including "enhanced layout tool for creating your own UI," "variables shared between saves that can be used for multi-ending games," "environment for creating plug-ins that can modify the battle system," "additional event panels and enhancements," and many more.

RPG Developer Bakin Update log

We will continue to make updates so that everyone can enjoy creating games with Bakin even more.  Take advantage of this great deal and experience game creation with it.


"RPG Developer Bakin" 10% Sale

Sale Period: March 16th to 23rd, 2023 (PT) (as per Steam Spring Sale)

Sale Price: $62.99 USD