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SmileBoom unveiled SmileBASIC for the Wii U and three new products/initiatives today!

Today SmileBoom Co.Ltd. unveiled SmileBASIC for the Wii U and three new things at the first user meeting held in Tokyo.

SmileBASIC for Wii U aka PetitCom BIG

Wii U版『プチコンBIG(仮)』

We decided to start developing Wii U version of SmileBASIC. We don’t yet decide an official name of the product and the release date but we are trying to release it in Japan Spring 2016. Overseas version will come after.

SmileBASIC for Wii U is upper compatible with existing SmileBASIC or Petit Computer the 3rd so that all your programs created on Nintendo 3DS can run on the Wii U as well. And you can upload/download your program or download programs published by others from our cloud service for your Wii U to enjoy. By having both version you can create your program on your Nintendo 3DS when you are outside then continue it on your Wii U when you are home by uploading/downloading your program via our cloud service.

And we are trying to implement some new features for the Wii U. For example, there will be a new screen mode and new instruction set prepared just for the Wii U. So you can create a program utilizing the capability of the Wii U such as Wii U GamePad or Wii Remote.

Also, SmileBASIC for Wii U allows you to use a USB keyboard and a TV set to write your program. Or you can use the GamePad without a TV set.

We will open the official web page in English shortly. In the meanwhile please download the official media assets at the following URLs.

Advanced Sound Unit – Our first paid downloadable contents for SmileBASIC


This is our first paid downloadable content for SmileBASIC and “Advanced Sound Unit” empowers SmileBASIC to process audio signal with various methods. “Advanced Sound Unit” allows you to process audio signal in real time coming from the MIC input. You can process the signal by analyzing with a FFT algorithm or with a BIQUAD filer and put it into the playback stream to output. In short, you are able to create your own software synthesizer or guitar effectors on your Nintendo 3DS system.

“Advanced Sound Unit” will be available along with a future update of SmileBASIC which will be ver.3.3. The release date is not yet determined but by the end of 2015.
The price will be 500 yen in Japan and we are considering the best affordable price for North America.

The official web site in English will be available soon. In the meanwhile please download the official media assets at the following URLs.

4th Programming Contest “Petit Computer Ogiri” for Japan and North America


To celebrate the release of SmileBASIC in North America, we are holding its 4th “SmileBASIC Ogiri” as a place where fans of the SmileBASIC series from around the world can freely show off the programs they created themselves. Previously our contest was limited to Japanese users but now SmileBASIC users in North America can enter!

We are now open to receive your submission. Please visit the official web site at

The contest logotype is available at (377KB)

* Ogiri is a Japanese traditional entertainment competition competing for fun answers composed from a given theme. The funniest answer wins.

Collaboration with "BANDAI NAMCO Classic IP Project"


This is limited to Japanese market only. So this announcement is an informational purpose only for overseas market.

Based on an initiative called "BANDAI NAMCO Classic IP Project" by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. we are authorized to use all 17 intellectual properties of the world famous games by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. As an initial phase of the collaboration we will deliver graphic and sound materials of Galaxian, Galaga, Xevious, Pac-Man, DigDug and Mappy. The materials of these games will be sold online for Petit Computer the 3rd owners in Japan. You can create your own game by using graphic and sound materials from these games.

<Notes for this collaboration>
  • "BANDAI NAMCO Classic IP Project" is valid only in Japan.
  • Games created by Japanese users of Petit Computer the 3rd with using the materials provided through this project cannot be played outside Japan.

© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

If you want to talk to us with your questions, comments or feedback, please email us at We accept both English and Japanese and respond back to you in your language.


Tadashige “Buchi” Tsurubuchi
Overseas Public Relations
SmileBoom Co. Ltd.


About SmileBASIC
SmileBASIC is the ultimate “mobile programming environment” for everyone from the beginners to the experienced programmers. The latest version is the 3rd generation of Petit Computer since 2011. The newest version has a new name, SmileBASIC and it is designed from the ground up specifically for Nintendo 3DS. In this version there are lots of new features and improvements. One of the remarkable features is a stereopsis (or 3D viewing) support. No complicated mathematics required. Just one instruction brings the 3D capability into your program. You are now able to get the most out of Nintendo 3DS including the stereopsis support. And one more thing. SmileBASIC allows you to share your program with others by uploading to our own cloud service and you can download programs by others from the cloud as well.
SmileBASIC is the only programming language helping your imagination come true on your Nintendo 3DS and you can electrically demonstrate your program to others on the globe.