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Privacy Policy

Basic policy

SmileBoom Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called “SmileBoom”) may require information that can identify visitors to this website (hereinafter called “Personal Information”) in cases including the following: making product sales, providing outsourced software development, other providing services, carrying out questionnaires, conducting campaigns involving gifts, soliciting scripts, handling complaints and inquiries, and replying thereto. SmileBoom is aware that Personal Information acquired from visitors is important property of each person and shall protect such Personal Information in accordance with the basic policy outlined below.

  1. SmileBoom shall handle Personal Information in accordance with the Act on Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws, regulations and rules.
  2. SmileBoom shall establish and operate in an ongoing manner a Personal Information management system and shall make efforts to maintain and improve the system.
  3. SmileBoom shall specify the purpose of its use of Personal Information and shall clearly communicate this to visitors. SmileBoom shall use the Personal Information within the scope of purpose of use and shall not disclose or supply Personal Information to a third party unless SmileBoom has the consent of a visitor or other valid reason to do so.
  4. SmileBoom shall implement and improve in an ongoing manner security measures to prevent unauthorized access to acquired Personal Information and the loss, destruction, falsification, and divulgence thereof.
  5. SmileBoom shall respond in good faith and promptly to the extent that is reasonable to requests from visitors for the disclosure, correction or deletion of Personal Information acquired by SmileBoom.

February 2008
SmileBoom Co., Ltd.
Takaki Kobayashi, CEO

Use of Personal Information

SmileBoom may use Personal Information provided by visitors for the following purposes.

  1. Personal Information on visitors
    • To send them products and gifts.
    • To send information on products, services and events.
    • To provide product support and maintenance.
    • To respond to inquiries and consultations.
    • To carry out product development, questionnaires and monitoring campaigns.
    • To perform contracts.
  2. Personal Information related to the directors and employees of client companies and other companies
    • To make contact as required when performing work and business negotiations.
    • To manage client company information and process payments and revenue.
  3. Personal Information of Job Applicants
    • To provide recruitment information and contact job applicants (including internship applicants).
    • To internally manage recruitment process at SmileBoom.
  4. Other Personal Information
    • To exercise legal rights and fulfill obligations.
    • To make contact, manage responses and send relevant materials.

SmileBoom shall notify a visitor and gain permission in advance if it wishes to use Personal Information for any purpose other than that described above.

If SmileBoom intends to entirely or partially outsource operations requiring the use of Personal Information to a third party, in certain cases the Personal Information of visitors may be disclosed to such third party to that extent required to achieve the relevant purpose.

Management and disclosure of Personal Information

SmileBoom shall carefully store and manage the Personal Information provided by visitors and take those security measures that are necessary and appropriate to prevent the divulgence, loss or damage of Personal Information. In addition, SmileBoom shall not disclose or provide Personal Information to a third party except in the following cases.

  1. If the prior permission of a visitor has been gained.
  2. If such disclosure or provisions is subject to a legitimate order, decision, disposition or demand in accordance with the law from a court, the police or another government institution.
  3. In the case of the taking over of a business due to a merger, demerger, transfer of business or other such reason.

Procedure for requesting the disclosure of Personal Information

SmileBoom shall respond in accordance with the procedures specified thereby, to a reasonable extent, and promptly if it receives a request as listed below from a visitor or a representative thereof; provided that SmileBoom is able to confirm the identity of such visitor or the representative thereof. A visitor may be asked to pay a handling fee in such case.

  1. Request for the disclosure of Personal Information
  2. Request for the notification of purpose of use of Personal Information
  3. Request for the correction, addition or deletion of Personal Information
  4. Request to refuse to allow the use of, or the provision of, Personal Information

Proof of identity (such as a driver’s license, a resident’s card, a health insurance card or a copy of a passport) may be required to confirm the identity of a visitor, or a document certifying the authority of a representative, in addition to the prescribed request form. (Please request a form by sending a letter or email to SmileBoom’s Personal Information Contact Point.) Please note that we may not be able to comply with a request from a visitor if a visitor refuses to provide us with proof of identity, or if for some other reason it is not possible to confirm the identity or validity of a request.

Handling of Personal Information on the SmileBoom website

  1. Use of cookies and scripting
    • SmileBoom may use technology such as cookies, client side scripting and server side scripting for the effective operation of its website. Visitors have the option of disabling such functions in their browser settings or otherwise refusing to use such technologies however this may make some of the functions of the website unusable.
  2. Access log records
    • SmileBoom’s website maintains an access log which records information on visitors to the website. This information shall be used as statistical data for surveying and analyzing the website traffic status and shall not be used for any other purpose.
  3. Links to external websites
    • SmileBoom’s website may contain links to the websites of third parties for the convenience of visitors. The Personal Information protection policy of SmileBoom does not apply to other websites to which we have provided a link, and SmileBoom shall not be responsible for the protection of visitors’ Personal Information on such other sites.

Use of email

SmileBoom may send an email containing part of Personal Information to a registered email address when performing one of the services listed above. Please understand that such email will not be encrypted.

Personal Information of visitors who are minors

SmileBoom shall protect the Personal Information of visitors who are minors in the same way as it protects the Personal Information of adult visitors.
However, visitors under the age of 16 years must gain the permission of their parent or legal representative before providing Personal Information.

Personal Information contact point

Please contact the contact point below if you have an inquiry regarding Personal Information or our handling of Personal Information.

  • SmileBoom Co., Ltd. Personal Information Contact Point
  • Telephone: 011-876-8333
  • Email address:privacy@smileboom.com
  • Address: Elm Building, Kita 9 Nishi 4-7-4, Kita-Ku
    Sapporo-Shi, Hokkaido 060-0809, Japan
  • Business hours: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm (JST)
    (Closed over New Year, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and other days specified by SmileBoom)

Changes to policy on protection of Personal Information

SmileBoom may revise its Personal Information protection policy without notice in order to improve its protection of Personal Information or in accordance with revisions to relevant laws, or for other reasons. We thank you for your understanding.